About Us

Our story towards sustainability

Charis was established in 2020 with a goal to minimise the massive dependence on plastics by a group of environment enthusiasts  We wanted to offer solutions to all daily needs with sustainable products that one could cherish for a lifetime. Thus, we came up with a way to produce durable, stylish fashion accessories that are 100% biodegradable - good for the home and even better for the planet. 

We are delivering high-quality, robust, Eco-friendly jute products to our customers reducing one plastic product at a time. With some of the best jute direct from the farm, our dedicated design experts work their creative cells to infuse fashion and comfort, introducing versatility in every single product of ours.


Charis' mission is simple and direct:

"Change towards sustainable solutions is inevitable and we aim to provide the right options to support the change to a better world for future generations to come."